JUNE 30 – AUGUST 29, 2010
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 6, Sunday 12 - 5, Monday Closed
OBJCT Gallery is pleased to announce our latest exhibition addressing the faltering dichotomy that is the
intersection of art and design, where theory meets spontaneous combustion, where nature and human
intervention collide.  The exhibition itself will evolve through a series of events or happenings, where new
ideas and an organic evolution of interactive experiences will be presented.
A groundbreaking presentation that is inspired by the Museum of Modern Art’s “Good Design” program in the 1940’s and 50’s and the “Organic Design in Home Furnishings” competition/exhibition of 1940.  Part I of TECHNORGANIC will survey this historical context and feature some of the same designs featured at MoMA
In 1940, the Museum of Modern Art sponsored the groundbreaking “Organic Design” competition to "discover a group of designers capable of contributing to the creation of a useful and beautiful environment for today's living." The museum collaborated with several manufacturers and department stores to produce and distribute the winning designs. The winner of the competition was seating developed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen. Three-dimensional compound curves and the overall organic form of the Eames and Saarinen seating pointed to a new direction for modern design.  American manufacturers
such as Herman Miller and Knoll recognized the potential for the designs shown at the MoMA and were
successful in hiring designers such as Eames and Saarinen to work for them.  The rest is history.
Part II of the exhibition focuses our attention on the process of creating art and design as determined by current materials and technology.
TECHNORGANIC identifies new work by international artists and designers that cross the boundaries of what is real or perceived, what is organic or artificial. The role of nature as informer and form giver has influenced artists and designers for centuries.  Even though the unadorned, hard-edged modernism of the mid-twentieth century may have taken the spotlight away from flowing organic forms, it remains that these forms have stood the test of time and that a new generation is once again addressing the influence of nature as an inherent and vital component.  
The notion of utilizing technology such as digital software, new materials and manufacturing techniques to produce art or products that use nature as an inspiration is at the heart of the exhibition. TECHNORGANIC shows us what is happening today and what will be possible tomorrow
There are two levels of work: First art pieces and one-off editions and secondly mass-produced objects. In addition, several designers will be asked to present their vision for the future and present a prototype or digital presentation.
Artists include:
Alison Petty Raguette
Emily Smith
Marcel Wanders
David French
Nancy Macko
Faiyaz Jafri
Magnus Stark
Designers include:
Karim Rashid
Marc Newson
Ross Lovegrove
Greg Lynn
Frank O. Gehry
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
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