Objects (or Artifacts as R. Buckminster Fuller would call them) are the ultimate expression of human ideas, ideals, and cultural preoccupations.  Studies have shown that we touch an average of 500 designed objects a day.  This does not even include the objects we respond to visually or aurally.
Addressing the boundaries between disciplines or ideas is a way of blurring them, and then documenting the process in a way that offers an academic perspective or cultural commentary is what OBJCT will endeavor to achieve.  
Giving a unique view into the inspirations and processes by which artists and designers create their worlds, we will be educated and enlightened in the physical world that surrounds us.
Art and design walk a fine line between medium and message, craft and technology, commerce and culture.. please join us on this journey.
David Shearer
Founder + Director
548 West First Street, Claremont, CA 91711
T (909) 621 0125  info@objct.com
hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 6 Sunday 12 - 5 or by appointment
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mobile living exhibition 2006
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