OBJCT is about to embark on an exciting expansion of the products and services it provides.  Founded in 2008 by David Shearer as an interactive gallery concept that addresses the intersection between art and design,   OBJCT has successfully brought new scholarship to this evolving landscape. 
Merging art and industry with educational programming is Shearer’s forte. 
Having established in 1994 the seminal Totem Design in New York City, where for ten years he produced exhibitions, created publications, directed documentaries and consulted with museums  and other institutions to generate educational programs. 
OBJCT Gallery will be restructuring its present format to enable Shearer to launch OBJCT Media + Design.  Combining his talents, decades of experience, and wide array of interests, the new Creative Agency will provide a fully integrated conduit under which all aspects of design can flourish:
Exhibition Design and Curatorial Direction
Publications and Innovative Communication Strategies
Branding and Graphic Design
Interactive Media
Artist & Designer Representation
Interior Design - Residential and Commercial
Product Development and Marketing
Documentary Films and Film Series
Content Rich Educational Programs, Conferences and Symposia
OBJCT will continue to maintain a retail presence (POP-UP Design Shop) in Claremont’s historic Packing House and Shearer will launch OBJCT Media + Design’s first project, OBJCT Magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to the exploration of the designed objects around us.  Art Director Christopher Smith is on board to shape the visual identity of the publication.
Other projects in the works include exhibitions, a design competition, a documentary film and accompanying publication.  If you or your company has a project that could use our innovative eye please contact David Shearer at ds@objct.com or (909) 621 0125 for a media kit.
Look for the first issue of OBJCT to hit newsstands this summer!
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